Friday, February 11, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss Review

First, let me start by saying I just lost respect for all my goodreads friends that have been giving this book five stars and then turn around and bash books like Twilight, Fallen, House of Night, Halo and so on. This book is the exact same thing, except we have no paranormal creatures. The main character is the most annoying, selfish, and whiny bitch I have ever read in YA. This book is nothing special. I find it weird that the main girl behaves in the same manner as other paranormal main characters that so many of my goodreads friends bash. What is different about Anna? She is just as annoying. She is BELLA Swan's preppy sister ( the same low self esteem syndrome, trying to make smart remarks, and the fainting and nervousness thing around the main guy) but even more annoying. She goes on and on and on and on about how beautiful St. clair (isnt this the name of a chocolate bar?) is and reviewers dont complain? These are the same people that bash S.Meyer and other paranormal writers for making their female MC talk about the guy's beauty. Double standard much?

Maybe because I spend half the year in Paris, the charm of a book written in Paris is nothing special to me. Maybe because my mother is French and I technically find most french people annoying. Who knows what it is? I just didn't connect with the book. Americans and people who still view Paris as something special will love this. However, if I walk into any book store in France, I can find light fiction with way better setting about Paris.

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